Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Party Never Stops

New highs/lows in the inappropriate use of the party have been achieved. Monday night at 11:30, the cheering/stepping began in the parking lot by the girls for the boys on the balcony. I went outside and requested quiet, and, not receiving it, I then called the campus coppers again around midnight. They dispersed the girls.

Then, something unexpected happened: Upstairs Neighbor came downstairs and apologized. He also specified that he had nothing to do with the parking lot people. The most interesting tidbit was that he mentioned that Management left him a notice that if he has any more noise calls that he is getting evicted.

I think I have won my battle. A little respect and some quiet was all I asked for, and I think I will get it now.


Jeffy said...

Way to fight the power!

OsoDelSol said...

Hey, sometimes the only way the snake is going to get it is if the saint falls.