Saturday, May 05, 2007

Upstairs Neighbor Strikes Again

Remember the part of the rant about upstairs neighbor that included his chronic littering offenses? Well, now I'm getting...mail...about it.

We have little clips installed next to our doors for Management to leave us notices and things. I came home at midnight tonight to a folded missive in mine, reading as follows:

"Please do not throw chicken bones in the grass. It is very dangerous for pets to eat them. Thanks, dog owners @ Apartment Complex"

1. I don't eat chicken with bones.
2. How did you decide on me? The fact that you never see me might suggest that I don't come outside to throw away my chicken bones.
3. Try upstairs neighbor. He's in a steady state of throwing, leaving, and otherwise contributing shit to the yard.
4. Don't use my clip for anonymous letters on behalf of a whole class of people in the apartment complex. They are for managerial use.
5. Well, aren't you effective, doing this on your own instead of going through management. Looks like you informed no one, caught no one, and communicated your plea to no one that mattered to your cause. Must've been a full day's work.
6. I have stooped to posting a note in my own clip. Screw you for being so immature as to inspire in me similar behavior.
7. I am displeased.


Ann said...

Okay, Oso, you've been tagged! Check out my blog for details...

Ann said...

And now I'll respond to your post. Don't you hate anonymous notes?! Even if your response is immature-- as you called it-- at least it isn't anonymous.

Chicken bones are highly inflammatory, in any case. We found them all over a house we rented out, after the tenants were evicted.