Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to Pirates

So here's something Oso doesn't understand Oso wants to talk about it. Oso's lack of understanding leads her to the third person.

Oso will stop that now.

So here's a little thing I don't get: The people who became sort of pirate groupies when the Pirates movies came out. I get Johnny Depp groupie-dom, don't get me wrong. I understand appreciating them as entertaining movies on the order of The Mummy. What I don't get is the culty following they've developped and how seriously they can take themselves.

Example: A good friend of mine tattooed the above on her ankle because she just loved Pirates. She thought it was one of the best movies of all time. There is a certain indefinable ascribing of inherent value by her to the whole concept of pirates, and I just don't get.

What I know is that pirates killed people and stole their money. There's a lot more fun history running around in there about English and Spanish animosities and more fun stuff, but the real people weren't so much heroes, and I really had a hard time feeling any sort of empathy for anyone in the movie. Even the movie pirates are running around stealing stuff from each other and killing for it--it's not all the victimless crime of treasure-hunting, folks.

I know it doesn't really matter on any way that affects my everyday life, but the tattoo above represents an ignorance that just really makes me want to go all Walden on the masses. That certain indefinable something that leads people to enshrine a symbol of criminality and violence in permanent ink on their skin just really gets me, that's all.


Ann said...

Probably need to just blame Johnny Depp & be done with it. He made "pirating" pretty.

OsoDelSol said...

You are probably right. I have a sudden urge to put on more eyeliner.