Monday, May 07, 2007

Ann Tagged Me, So I Guess I'm It

So I should provide ten interesting facts about myself.

1. I have a somewhat colorful employment history for someone my age. I've worked as a full-time babysitter, deputy county clerk, day camp counseller, bank teller, content writer for a webpage (like, the words, not the HTML), peddler of sorority crafts, professor's assistant, tutor to student-athletes, reservations associate in a luxury hotel, computer lab assistant, and sales associate at Pier1.
2. I'm in love with a pair of camouflage sweatpants from Walmart originally purchased as part of a white trash Halloween costume. Fiance hates them and would burn them if he could.
3. I did laundry in my bathtub last week and forgot what would happen when they needed to be dried.
4. I change my hair color more than once a year.
5. I watch Newlyweds every time I get a little down or a little procrastinatory. Or a little anything, for that matter.
6. I was told in a dream during my first quarter by Professor Civ Pro that I would never be on law review and that it was okay.
7. I just took down my Christmas tree last week.
8. I speak too many languages. English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Reading knowledge of Latin.
9. I'm still dating my two favorite dogs, Boudreaux the Peke and Little Man the chocolate lab, even though I'm getting married to someone completely else.
10. I was born in this state, grew up 700 miles away, and came back here for college, law school, wedding, and legal licensing.


Ann said...

I'm sure Little Man would prefer being the only "man" in your life, but since he's listed as being "very liberal," I guess he's okay with it.

OsoDelSol said...

I'm apparently not the only woman in his. He's even in an open relationship with Fiance.

Angela said...

your sins are threefold -sweatpants, camouflage and walmart. that's so fantastic.

i want your french.