Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm Not Dead

I'm actually putting together a new and completely different blog project which has really eaten up more time already than I ought to have let it do.

Frequency of posts and technological savviness aside, if you have a Facebook account, I highly recommend reading this article. Essentially, the long and the short of it is that by using those nifty "apps," you are allowing the developers of them to have a lot more of your information than is necessary. More disturbing to me, however, is that developers can get your information without even your agreement. When one of your Facebook friends decides to add an application, its developer may have all the access to your information that your friend did. In other words, if you have set your profile to "private," so that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can see your address, photos, etc., a developer that you may not even be aware of and to whom you have never given consent, could now be able to view all of that information because your friend added their application.

The article goes into more specifics, but that's pretty much the gist of what I got out of it.

Storytime: As a result, I've spent the two plus hours blocking applications. One of my Facebook friends adds EVERY APPLICATION HE EVER SEES, I SWEAR. Below, in fact, is the list of applications he has that I've blocked; these are all of his applications at the moment, but I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.
  1. Where I've Been
  2. Growing Gifts
  3. Graffiti
  4. WereWolves
  5. Oregon Trail
  6. Pirates vs. Ninjas
  7. Are YOU Interested?
  8. My Best Friends
  9. Make New Friends
  10. Friends For Sale!
  11. Birthday Calendar
  12. Top Friends
  13. Bible Verses
  14. My Questions
  15. Cities I've Visited
  16. Harry Potter Magic Spells
  17. Compare People
  18. My Aquarium
  19. Wonderful World
  20. Happy Hour!
  21. Movies
  22. Texas HoldEm Poker
  23. Likeness UNRATED
  24. Phonebook
  25. Freebee Gifts
  26. Jedi vs Sith
  27. X Me
  28. Social Chat
  29. Superlatives
  30. Describe Me
  31. Zombies
  32. Vampires vs. Werewolves
  33. Super Wall
  34. Double Dare
  35. Socialmoth Secrets
  36. aCounter
  37. Poke Pro
  38. What's My Chinese Name?
  39. Post Secrets
  40. PurePlay Cash Poker
  41. Famous Quotes
  42. AceBucks
  43. Emote
  44. Magic 8 ball
  45. Flirt
  46. Red Sox Nation
  47. Food
  48. Pirates
  49. Likeness
  50. Vampires
  51. Are YOU sexy?
  52. Characteristics
  53. Pride of the Jaguars
  54. Instant Messaging
  55. Fun Gifts & Events
  56. Cartoonify Me
  57. Mardi Gras
  58. Hello! My Name Is
  59. SuperPoke!
  60. Will you KISS me?
  61. Spank Me
  62. Reputation
  63. Hot Potato
  64. Florida Football Fans
  65. iLike
  66. Hatching Eggs
  67. Are you a great lover ?
  68. Pro Football Pick'em
  69. Sketch Me
  70. I Never
  71. Massage Me
  72. How Sexy Is Your Name Calculator
  73. Basketball Fan
  74. Fighters' Club
  75. Secret Admirer - CRUSH on ME (PERFECT MATCH)
  76. FB Addict - are you hooked on FB?
  77. My Music
  78. HOT or NOT
  79. Orgasmic!
  80. In 2008...
  81. HotLists
  82. Nicknames
  83. Workin' It!
  84. Boombox
  85. Talking Smileys
  86. Hotness
  87. Advanced Wall
  88. I Wanna Get Leid
  89. Tattoos
  90. Entourage
  91. Flower A Day
  92. Marry Me, Sex Me, Kill Me
  93. Booze Mail
  94. My Graveyard
  95. Mesmo TV
  96. Beer!
  97. Blind Date
  98. Pet Dragons
  99. Movie Trivia
  100. Name Analyzer
  101. Similar People
  102. U-Arcade
  103. Jack O'Lantern
  104. What Drink Are You?
  105. ScrapBox
  106. My Family
  107. Real Gifts
  109. Slayers
  110. (fluff)Friends
  111. Naughty Gifts
  112. Pose for a Date
  113. Pub Darts
  114. KissMe
  115. Polls
  116. Crowd Cloud
  117. Holiday Gifts
  118. My Room
  119. Causes
  120. Today's Chuck Norris Fact
  121. Beachball Game
  122. Curvve Player
  123. Catbook
  124. Art
  125. Flirt Wall
  126. Free Gifts
  127. Flirtable
  128. Magnetic Words
  129. NFL Challenge
  130. Where Is It
  131. Friend Block
  132. Twisted Gifts (NEW!)
  133. American Models
  134. Main Chat Room -
  135. Hug Time
  136. The Brain Game
  137. Share The Love
  138. Power Tarot
  139. TickleMe
  140. Blow A Kiss
  141. Kisses!
  142. Hugs
  143. Pillow Fight!
  144. Christmas Music Tree
  145. Cheek Kissing
  146. Snowball Fight!
  147. Good vs Evil
  148. Cute vs Sexy
  149. Hot
  150. Send SMS - Text Messaging
  151. iDescribe
  152. What's Your Stripper Name?
  153. Secret Wall
  154. BuddyTV TV Quiz
  155. Birthday Greeting Cards
  156. What Do Your Eyes Symbolize?
  157. Best Friends
  158. Friend Hug
  159. Animated Gifts
  160. Smarty Pants
  161. Be Santa
  162. Speed Racing
  163. Most Active Friends (TM)
  164. Which swear word are you?
  165. Who Is Your Ideal Mate? (season 2)
  166. Oregon Trail
  167. Say Merry Christmas
  168. My Heroes Ability
  169. Truth Box
  170. SexyPoke!
  171. Naughty or Nice
  172. What Position Are You?
  173. US Politics
  174. Who's ONLINE on my Page
  175. Meet New People

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A New Blog Discovery

I've found a new one I like and added it to the links section on the side. It's called One Pic a Day, and it delivers exactly what it promises. Makes me wish I knew how to take a good photo on purpose....

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Amazing Story of an Artist and His Butt

I ran across a news story sometime early in my college career that never fails to make me laugh. Somehow, I manage to forget it and rediscover it every so often. It is the compelling story of "Stan Murmur."

In brief, the story goes a little something like this:
"I followed a girlfriend into a painting and printmaking class," he told host
Sargent in the clip. "We had an assignment where we had to create an organic
stamping object, bring it in as a print and display it to the class. I chose my
ass as that object."

I'm awfully fond of the below quotes as well. One might say I feel cozy with them.

The day that the project was due, we were instructed to hang our art products on
a wall. The entire class took turns guessing the objects that were used in each
stamping. Once an object was guessed we discussed whether the finished
product was successful as a piece of art. No one could figure out what my
organic object had been.
We, finally, discussed mine last. I got many
favorable responses. Everyone wanted to talk about the odd shape used in my
piece. The conversation turned to the way the class felt about my stamping. One
student saw "black ice sickles", another described "a warm fuzzy feeling",
"cozy" was another word muttered from my class. One student ask me if she could
touch my print. I told her, "that was fine". She then closely inspected my
stamping and asked me if I used hair. She then screamed, " Oh, my God!
you didn't"! "We've been tripping off his butt cheeks for twenty minutes".
I was the only one not asked to hold up my organic stamping object.

What can we all learn from Stan Murmur? That red Crayola tempera stains skin for about a week and a half.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


In about a month the wedding shall be happening then done, and I think it's going to be a huge relief in addition to being a celebration.

We did go and open our very first joint savings account last week. We are very proud of our little selves!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A Sibling Is Still a Sibling, Even after Eighty Years

An excerpt from my grandmother's response to her brother's (my crazy great Uncle Bob) reams of unsolicited housing advice (even suggesting at one point that she and my grandfather move into HUD housing to save money):

"You are so creative when it comes to finding things and making plans for others to live by. I trust you spend as much time on yours."

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Update: Ignorance Would Be Bliss


Ignorance Would Be Bliss

I really wish I knew less about my upstairs neighbor. The best case scenario would be that he was quiet and unobtrustive, preferring to keep things private.

As it is, I happen to know that he barks while alone and has enthusiastic sex at about this time every Sunday.