Sunday, February 11, 2007

When Your Day-Runner Looks Like a Playbook

This week, I have felt like my own personal assistant, and it's been frightening and has bordered on miserable.

With regards to the wedding, I hired a photographer, a florist and a baker, and I also managed to order invitations and save the date cards. Incidentally, when I say that I hired them, we also planned out all the details at the same time. Yep. This is even more impressive than it sounds given that the wedding is 100-ish miles south of here. Since this is only the first week of classes for the quarter, I thought it might be doable to skip the first day of classes for some of this., and I did that. So, on Monday, everything but the invitations got done, and those got done in yet another trip on Friday.

With work, I got seven and a half hours this week that was spread out over probably four students.

The good news is that I dropped a class, and the school refunded me some money (just enough to pay for books, which I'd gone most of the week without.)

The classes themselves shouldn't be a big deal on paper except that they are all pretty dense. One is a five-hour class, another is a four-hour class, and the third is a UCC class. Bleh.

Tuesday and Thursday, I drove a good friend of mine out to her automechanic who just happens to be thirty miles away.

The long and short of it is that it's been a long week that has used up a lot of gas: but it's still better than being in P.C!


Ann said...

I wish I had a personal assistant. But she probably wouldn't last longer than a day....

OsoDelSol said...

Oh I know. I've already tried to sucker several people into it today and have been turned down by all.