Saturday, February 03, 2007

You Know Your Law School Life is Pathetic When...

I found a discussion of this title on Facebook. Frighteningly enough, when you're up and checking out MySpace at two in the morning the night before your federal income taxation final, you really do experience envy for the situations described below.

You know your law school life is pathetic when:

"you are jealous of a girl from your high school who you found out is posing in lingerie for Hustler magazine. She doesn't need the money - so she must be doing it because she likes it. So she is happy doing something that requires a lot of courage that is defying traditonal notion of propriety., what am I doing in law school?"

"... you're jealous of your friend that got pregnant and is marrying her boyfriend to hide the illegitimate accident from others (like that works anyway) Do I want to be pregnant, crying and scared and have my world as I know it turned upside down because of a baby...'no'.... Yet, somehow, law school life is so pathetic, that I'm jealous... Of course, I'm hapy for her b/c she's one of my closest friends, and though I wouldn't really trade where I am now for her situation, the idea of marriage and a new baby still makes me a little 'green' .."

My personal addition is jealousy of the girl I went to high school with who said this: "
'myspace... it's how i met your father...' join me for a closer look into the adventures of myspace dating." And, for her, I think it's true.

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