Monday, February 05, 2007

Everything Has a Price

I watched the Superbowl, and Fiance watched the Puppy Bowl with the Kitty Halftime Show! So exciting! It was seriously three, solid hours of baby puppies and kitties playing in a football-field-shaped room. I watched all of it. I'm a little beside myself. It was way too cute. When a puppy would get tired, a ref would come in and announce a puppy substitution, and switch out puppies. Also, when there was a puppy mess to clean up, the ref would call a personal foul and clean it up. My favorites of the whole thing were the samoyed puppies, pictured here. So cute. They looked like tiny polar bears with floppy ears. If Animal Planet replays, I suggest recording it for those times when you just need to see something to feel warm and fuzzy over

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