Sunday, February 11, 2007

Uncle Bob Feeds Dog Onions

" > 3.I feed Dog-Curley adequately, but he always begs
> for
> more, & cries/hollers/squeels objectionably whenever
> I
> leave home, & he chews plastic, wood, just on
> general
> principles.
> 4.This a.m. he begged & begged while I was peeling &
> slicing half-spoiled raw onions. I told him
> repeatedly that dogs & onions don't go together, but
> he continued begging, -- so I have him a helping of
> half-spoiled onions; He ate it & asked for more!!!
> Repeat x3, until finally he ate only a part of that
> 4th helping!!!. Every gobbling was slower than of
> the
> gobbling s before, -- but it took him a long time to
> learn that SOME foods are just not for dogs to eat."

I hope that dog is not dead.


Ann said...

Some dogs will eat anything.

OsoDelSol said...

Yeah, when I was searching onion-eating dog pictures, I discovered that onions can be poisonous to dogs. Who knows what kinds of e-mails we will get if Curley snuffs it.