Friday, December 15, 2006

Uncle Bob on the Rate of Inflation

Personally I would kind of like a $42+some change electric bill.

> 1.I have a warm electric heater now. It did have a
> loose connection, but I fixed that.
> 2.Electric bill latest between $42 & $43!!!!!. That
> should tell you right there, that inflation is
> faster
> than interest-payments on CD-s. Best are
> hard-asset-type equities, like ETF-s (Exchange
> Traded
> Funds) mining shares, basic materials shares,
> precious
> metals shares, natural resources shares. Also those
> kinds of Mutual Funds, like T.Rowe Price, Wasatch,
> Etc., (No-Load kinds of Mutual funds). Best also
> are
> global & international, but those also best if of
> above categories.
> -- R.

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