Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Amazing Story of an Artist and His Butt

I ran across a news story sometime early in my college career that never fails to make me laugh. Somehow, I manage to forget it and rediscover it every so often. It is the compelling story of "Stan Murmur."

In brief, the story goes a little something like this:
"I followed a girlfriend into a painting and printmaking class," he told host
Sargent in the clip. "We had an assignment where we had to create an organic
stamping object, bring it in as a print and display it to the class. I chose my
ass as that object."

I'm awfully fond of the below quotes as well. One might say I feel cozy with them.

The day that the project was due, we were instructed to hang our art products on
a wall. The entire class took turns guessing the objects that were used in each
stamping. Once an object was guessed we discussed whether the finished
product was successful as a piece of art. No one could figure out what my
organic object had been.
We, finally, discussed mine last. I got many
favorable responses. Everyone wanted to talk about the odd shape used in my
piece. The conversation turned to the way the class felt about my stamping. One
student saw "black ice sickles", another described "a warm fuzzy feeling",
"cozy" was another word muttered from my class. One student ask me if she could
touch my print. I told her, "that was fine". She then closely inspected my
stamping and asked me if I used hair. She then screamed, " Oh, my God!
you didn't"! "We've been tripping off his butt cheeks for twenty minutes".
I was the only one not asked to hold up my organic stamping object.

What can we all learn from Stan Murmur? That red Crayola tempera stains skin for about a week and a half.

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