Friday, November 16, 2007

Really? Reaaaaally?

Of course it wouldn't. And it definitely wouldn't lead to this either.


Anonymous said...

You were just looking for a reason to post that nip slip, weren't you? Also, Ebbert needs to go work with the Lexis Porn Star. I'm sure they'd get along great. (Oh yes, I went there.)

OsoDelSol said...

Now, now. It's not porn. It is lingerie and swimsuit modeling. She's interested in SERIOUS photographers only, remember?

Also, if you look up that old lady's blog, you will find that the nip slip was kind compared to what she's usually wearing....


"Has she had work done?"

"Honey, she's a QUILT."

TheAdjunct said...

She agreed to pose nekkid "after a lit bit of talking". I always wondered who that worked on.