Friday, November 02, 2007

A Quiet Evening at Home

In a couple of minutes, I'm going to turn twenty-five. I'm celebrating in a very mature way too. I'm curled up in my bed in flannel sock monkey pajamas with a PR outline and a mug of Promised Land chocolate milk spiked with Bailey's Irish Cream. Actually, it's about half-and-half. I can never sleep naturally during finals, so I figure I might as well conk myself out that way as any other. I bought myself a labelmaker to celebrate the occasion and the marked upswing in my anal retentiveness over the years, and last night I shined my sink. I also stumbled across this picture and laughed immoderately while my cat groomed her front-butt in squeeky dignity.
In a week I'll be done with PC, and honestly that feels like more of a milestone than dropping off of my parents' insurance.
Here's the neat shiny sink routine that I stumbled across this weekend:
1. Fill sink to the rim with very hot water; add one cup regular bleach. Soak for one hour.
2. Drain and rinse thoroughly.
3. Scrub with Ajax, Bon Ami, or baking soda.
4. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.
5. Shine with Windex or another glass-cleaning spray. Dry thoroughly.

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Ann said...

Little Man is waiting for you to come over so that he can give you a great big birthday kiss!