Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Don't Like Calling the Coppers--Honest!

Usually, I'm the first person to take sadistic glee in something. Calling the police on my upstairs neighbor and his "posse," however, stands as an exception. I hate doing it, but they just won't respond to reason.

Exactly one week ago, at about two in the morning, I rolled out of bed and strode into the parking lot to ask the young gentlemen to please stop making noise outside my window as I had class in six hours. They didn't, so forty minutes later, I called the local police again.

Right now, at eleven on what is for them a school night and for me finals time they are out there again. I hate it.

The thing that really gets me is that it usually isn't a party, per se. They are just hanging out. The problem is they are doing it outside of my window and not inside of the guy's apartment.

Who hangs out outside just for the heck of it when it's so muggy out that it feels like you're trying to breathe underwater?

More importantly, how in the world can I get them to stop for good (short of eviction)?


Cherie said...

I hate it when that happens - noisy neighbors when you have to get up the next morning, or you just want to sleep.

Just get out your bb gun and let nature take its course.


Leiselb said...

Do they not have air conditioning perhaps? Are they fans of yours that just can't figure out how else to get your attention? The possibilities are endless you know... ;-)

OsoDelSol said...

Yes, the living situation has led to my occasional use of sleeping pills. Interestingly enough, tonight I went to the little grocery store nearby solely to buy a bottle of wine. I didn't really want to shuck my PJs in favor of real clothes, so I felt kinda hobo-ish buying just a bottle of wine in my PJs. Unfortunately, the only other thing I could think of that I needed was the sleeping pills.

Eventually, I just bought myself a couple of candles in place of the pills and some counter wipes. I don't want to support the inferences that would arise from checking out with nothing but a bottle of wine and a bottle of sleeping pills. I think I would be institutionalized on the spot.