Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Hall of Poor Decisions: Giving a Law Professor the Boot

Yesterday, as I parked my car in the grass next to the law school, I noticed a tow truck doing what can only be called trolling through the school's parking lot. Initially, I planned to make a trip by the dean's office to make sure they knew (because we have several adjuncts who use visitor parking, not to mention some of the work-study workers and none of them should be towed). However, when I saw the driver talking to someone standing by the open door of his parked car in faculty parking I thought that he was probably supposed to be there, and so I let it go.

Today, as I parked my car in the grass next to the law school, I saw two boots. I don't know who owned the other car, but one of our esteemed and august professors appeared to be the driver of the one I was looking at. He had just swiped a paper out from under his windshield wipers and was storming up to the dean's suite from the faculty parking.

Did I mention that it wasn't his regular, decaled car that sported the fluorescent yellow window sticker and bright orange car boot?

It was a rental.

As I had business this afternoon in the dean's suite as well, I followed him up. As the very tall law professor fumed his way around the office, I delighted in listening to his repeated question, "Why boot an undecaled car in the visitor's parking? It doesn't make sense!" I say "delighted" since I absolutely abhor the local campus police department since their number one priority seems to be parking violations and I was imagining the scene that was sure to follow with this professor turning puce in their office and giving them the old what-for.

I have to say though, the best part was when the phone rang and a call for Prof. Boot was announced from Prof. Phone. Prof. Boot picked up and said hello, followed by a silence, followed by a dry, "Yes, I know my car has a boot on it." It's good to know that we are so collegial. :)

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RG said...

How convenient that you had business in the Dean's Suite right then. Ah, for happy coincidences. ;-)

I too hate DPS with the fire of a thousand suns. Students may be getting beat up, raped, and murdered, but by golly, no one without a parking decal DARES park on campus!