Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Adventures in Pre-Registering

Fiance and I have not registered for anything but our honeymoon yet. Granted, the wedding is not until December, but a general state of over-organization has taken hold of me with regard to the wedding and all things associated. This is, in great part, due to the fact that I am starting the clinical exit program from hell in the fall, and I'd rather not have loose ends still dangling around by then.

This over-organization has led to some rather interesting anomalies in the realm of wedding registries for us.

First, my future mother-in-law has been whisking us around their hometown periodically since not last February but the February before that, showing us pretty things that we should want. This last weekend, that led to visiting several stores that I hadn't visited before. I saw pretty things.

At The Menagerie, we oo-ed and ah-ed at all the pretty china and crystal. Future MIL has paraded us through this particular store several times already, so I was ready not to get terribly excited until I found the prettiest crystal ever.

The picture doesn't do them justice. But, yes, they are gorgeous, and, yes, they are expensive to the point of extreme ungodliness. However, they are going into the registry.

Crystal at The Menagerie, however, was to pale in comparison with the most wonderful discovery ever at Sur La Table:


Aren't they beautiful?! Well, you probably can't see just how beautiful they are from where you are, but they are everything their name promises them to be, believe me. They sparkle at you. SPARKLE. However, I did not buy one, since $14.99 for a spatula is a little more than my considerably less sparkly self can manage at just this moment.

Good grief, I miss working full-time. So broke.

The other thing about over-organized wedding preparation, is that I have found myself making a pre-registry document for Fiance's use (read, "guidance.") We have deeply divergent taste in color schemes, so rather than having those "discussions" in the stores with the goods, I have pre-shopped everything online and compiled it into one document for his use. He has two or three options on most things. I did about 85% of it back in October at M's apartment during my quarter off, and the other 15% this weekend after the whisking trips. Therefore, I think Fiance was a little concerned about receiving said document which I think he envisioned would be full of pink and red lace and glittered textiles (he's more of a beige and burnt orange kind of guy.) I sent it off to him yesterday, having done all but the cookware and bakeware end of things and was pleased when I walked into his apartment last night and heard him announce, "You sent me pretty things!"

So where I am at the end of the day is in a sparkly pink place of validation for my organizational disorder.

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