Thursday, March 15, 2007

More from Spring Break 2007

This week is not going as planned.

Monday was simple enough--lots of time spent with Fiance which is always good.

Tuesday, we left for his hometown. It's about a hundred miles away, and all the parents, grandparents, siblings, and other pertinent relatives live there. About the time we were leaving town, it started raining like mad. Fiance turned his windshield wipers on and the one on the driver's side promptly shot over to where his side view mirror was and stayed there. He got out and yelled at it, and I think he may have hit it too, all to no avail. We turned around and switched to my car and enjoyed a dismally rainy drive for the next two and a half or three hours behind every truck on the interstate. We were rewarded for our efforts once we got to his grandparents' house with fresh pork tenderloin and a new dice game ("You Blew It!") As I crawled under the duvet I thought, "Well, that was worth it, at least."

Wednesday, Fiance wakes up with fever, sore throat, a headache, and body aches. Hooray. He's caught my disease. I call his mother to see if she has a doctor in her pocket that she can call and get Tamiflu prescribed. The response: Go back home to University Town. You see, Fiance's great aunt has cancer and is on chemo right now. His germs are rather desperately not needed. So, we get up, pack, steal as many homemade muffins as we can fit in our pockets, and head for the nearest doc-in-the-box. After probably an hour and a half at the doc-in-the-box, Fiance is pronounced ill but not en-flued and given two prescriptions to fill--one for codeine cough syrup and another for an anti-inflammatory. We fill them and stop by his mother's house to steal a blanket and say goodbye to the eighteen year old cats being put down this week. We mope back out to the car, Fiance already wrapped in the blanket, and so begins the drive back home.

We have a Fiance family wedding to attend on Saturday, so back on Tuesday I had ordered a dress and shoes online with expedited shipping. Wednesday, I received notice that the dress was in back-order, so I re-submitted an order. Today, I just received notice that the shoes had shipped. We leave tomorrow. Argh.

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