Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I'm No Math Genius

But I know that Bell Curves shouldn't look like this--especially in an elective with an adjunct:

A 3
A- 0
B+ 15
B 12
B- 5
C+ 9
C 11
D 2


RG said...

An ELECTIVE had a curve like that?? What the hell class is that??

OsoDelSol said...

Admin of estates.

Poseur said...

That was worse than the Bankruptcy curve this summer. But not by much.

RG said...

I'd heard the curve for Admin was bad, I didn't know it was THIS bad. I'm supposed to take this class this summer! NOT OKAY!

OsoDelSol said...

It's got to be better with the regular professor. This particular adjunct stood up and basically read the statutes. We never covered a case. He also seemed to have a hard time with taking roll, which scares me when I think about him grading tests.