Thursday, January 18, 2007

What This Bear Is Thinking

1. I broke one of my four dinner plates (the big ones). Now I have an odd number. I'm not comfortable with an odd number. Even worse, I'm not comfortable with dishes in numbers not divisible by four. Need...even...numbers....
2. My cat doesn't know her name. She might think it's "No." "Hey," is a close second.
3. I feel like the coil-shaped $8 energy efficient lightbulbs are a luxury until I realize that my ancient apartment is burning the normal ones out quickly enough to where it's just cheaper for me, even disregarding the electric bill.
4. Hey, I can drive in this! This ice stuff isn't so bad. Ha! Swagger!
5. Oh, hey, no one else can drive in it. And my upstairs neighbor thinks that the best way to get rid of the icicles hanging from underneath his stairs is by whacking them towards my front door with a baseball bat.
6. I'm going to fail everything.
7. I think I thought the gift bags at award shows were already taxable. That seems a long time coming.
8. Sometimes the man in your life gets a little busy studying for the bar, getting ready for finals, and messing around with that crazy mistress known as PC. Then he calls you to talk shop, and you interrupt him and remind him of everything you're doing this week, including saving his bacon. Then he agrees to just e-mail you the changes. You tell each other that you love each other and hang up. And it's all okay.
9. The school paper got worse over Christmas. Everyone should take a red pen to their copy and mail it back to the chief editor or whoever is supposed to read that stuff.

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