Friday, January 19, 2007

Uncle Bob Thursday #1

Below is another missive from Uncle Bob. The funnier bits are highlighted for you.

Above is a visual pun.


> RWC to Genell,Alma,Julia,EtAl:
> 1.Never mind about extremism, at least not for now.
> Library-help & one neighbor promised that if I > kicked > the bucket or went to hospital, they would free the > dog. The dog is gentle & timid, but just slow to
> venture trust & full friendship.
> 2.I'm OK now. I did almost all my dumb-bell
> exercises
> this a.m.; I like to think the reason for slight
> slow-down about dumb-bell exercises, is the extra
> layers of clothes that I wear in this cold weather.
> No dizziness. I feel OK.
> Whenever I do die, I do NOT want to be cremated > (sp?), although I do not want funeral home t o gyp > or > to stel my gold teeth; OK for my sisters or Genell > to > get my gold teeth then. OK also if bury without > embalming, -- which can be done if done within 24 > hours of death; or OK if just wire me down with an > engine-head or other heavy iron, & dump into ocean, > like Carribean Islanders do; or OK if just a cheap > $50-box for casket (non-sense to outlandish > casket-prices that funeral homes charge.
> Best if can get me to ANY VA.Hospital, -- & thence
> from there. They see patients more quickly than
> other
> emergency-room-hospitals do. But Alexandria VAMC
> emergency room is closed on week-ends & I think also
> at nights.
> 3.My electric bill almost $51. I thought about
> cutting the electricity off, but I do like to be
> able
> to cook on the electric stove, & to get water from
> the
> hot water tank. But what will I do if the electric
> bill goes above $60/monthly.
> 4.All is OK, but I think I need "one less dog",
> because he makes a mess. I do NOT want the dog
> pound
> to get him though.
> 5.I think he was a failure at a dog party. Why do I > say that? Because on his most sensitive part, was a > small dog-bite. I guess that cured him from that > particular party. > That reminds me of when I was doing Psychiatry, & > a > black man patient got sent in by the police after an > 11-yr. old girl had bit him on that same place. How > mean can children get!!!
> 6.I have appointment at Alexandria VAMC Friday 16
> Feb.2007. They also now take peace-time veterans,
> --
> of which I am one; I was in Missouri Army National
> Guard (there with an ARMY 06-Lieutenant-Colonel
> rank;
> & was also in US.Army Reserves in Missouri; ARNG
> was
> at 135th Field Hospital; USAR was at 325th Station
> Hospital; -- both at Kansas City, Missouri, where I
> went to monthly meetings, travelling from
> Springfield,
> Mo. I also went to several (annual) 2-week "Summer
> Training Camps.
> -- R.

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