Sunday, January 14, 2007

Law Prom Is Totally Hot

I've gotta say this was the best look of the night. However, he forgot the most important accessory: Chocolate.

As far as I know, no one hooked up in the men's room this year, and I feel safe saying that as the date of one of the people that did so last year. [FN1] [FN2] [FN3] Unfortunately for poor Swanburg, however, not everyone managed to remember that just because it happened at Law Prom doesn't mean it stayed at Law Prom.

Heaven help us if there's ever a Law Grotto.

[FN1] Sometimes it is okay to be abandoned by your date.
[FN2] It wasn't sex. I promise.
[FN3] If it's not clear, then let me state it explicitly: I wasn't in there. Just my date.

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