Sunday, January 07, 2007

Having Sinuses Kinda Sucks

My stepmother always says that one must have depth in one's wardrobe and depth in one's medicine closet. [FN1] Don't ask her to rank which one is more important though.

Before college, I was hardly ever ill, but since moving to this part of the country and aging a few years, disease, allergies, and I seem to have become bosom buddies.

Two years ago, I had an upper respiratory infection and mono at the same time. The mono led to a mono-specific kind of hepatitis, and the upper respiratory infection led to a month-and-a-half long cough that eventually broke one of my ribs. [FN2]

Three weeks ago, I was diagnosed with sinusitis and sent home with some antibiotics and a prescription-strength Sudafed/Mucinex combo.

Within the last week, the sinusitis has fully flared up again. Due to all the junk that has been making its way from my head into my lungs, I spent the better part of yesterday impersonating a consumptive. At about one o'clock this morning I went rummaging through my old medicines to see if maybe I had any cough syrup since I couldn't sleep and I could swear my ribs were getting sore.

I found cough syrup, alright. In fact, I found about half a bottle of codeine cough syrup leftover from 2005. I looked for an expiration date, and, finding none, did myself a favor and got an extremely satisfying night's sleep and a much needed respite for ol' Ribby.

Bottoms up, and to all a good night.

[FN1] To that I might add that depth in one's toilet paper supply, liquor cabinet, and spice drawer are equally important.

[FN2] So, no, it is NOT a myth. You can really do that. Scares the hell out of you too. Stopped the coughing though.

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Ann said...

It only gets worse, Oso. Wait 'til you're my age-- you'll turn your head & pull a muscle!