Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cat Thwarting

When I flunk out of law school, I will become a professional cat thwarter. I've been practicing all day.

Last night, the cat made absolutely certain that even though I had not had more than five hours of sleep the night before I would stay awake and listen to cat doin's. Her newest favorite nocturnal activity is attempting to sharpen her claws on the walls.

Today, I have returned the favor.

I have studied only in my room and poked her every time she has drifted off. Sometimes, I've even picked her up and bounced her as I chanted elements of causes of action. I even took her to go see the mice in the other room, and the best she could manage was to gaze at them earnestly with drooping eyelids.

Since cats need 16 hours of sleep a day, I've pretty much guaranteed silence tonight.

UPDATE: I was wrong. So wrong. I didn't even get 2 consecutive hours between the sharpening of the claws on the wall and the pouncing at my feet.


Ann said...

I think that-- deep down-- you & your cat are soulmates.

OsoDelSol said...

That's not a very nice thing to say!