Friday, January 05, 2007

Book Week at the Study Hall

Ursa and I have worked up at the university's student-athlete services study hall for several years now--she more recently as a graduate assistant and I as a tutor. Before the beginning of each semester, the graduate assistants are supposed to put together the bags of books for the student-athletes. Lately, however, Ursa is the only graduate assistant showing up at all, so today I went in and helped her.

I die a little bit when I think of all the time I would save if someone would go to the bookstore for me, find my books, pay for them, and have them ready in a nice little baggie with my name on it that I could just go pick up, sign for, and walk out with.

On the other hand, I want to kill someone when I've saved them all this trouble and they come up and are bitchy to me about what edition of the book they got for free.

For the record, there are no book elves. We're it.

Equestrians, I'm looking at you.


Ann said...

That's why we ought to have crew instead of equestrian-stuff!

OsoDelSol said...