Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is Why I'm Marrying Him

First, he let's me use red as our wedding color, then last night he took me to Happy Feet, but today was the icing on my cake! We went to the zoo. Yes, the local zoo is a modest affair, but it has many very exciting exhibits just chalk full of fuzzy, adorable things. There were very tiny owls, otters, and BEARS. The bears even gave us a good show, swimming around in the the tank and fatting up against the glass most amiably. They even waggled their fat, furry bottoms at us. So exciting!

On a lesser note, if you take children to see Happy Feet, be prepared for a great deal of attempted penguinial tap dancing. It's worth it, just mind your feet and the ones of the strangers within a good five foot radius of the child in quesetion.

As a note, that's not really us. I'm rather grateful, though I shouldn't say so. There's more where that came from too.

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