Wednesday, November 08, 2006

It's been Too Long

So sorry that it has been so very, very long! Traveling and packing and schooling...phew!

The entire experience has taught me a couple of things. First, it has taught me that the hospitality industry is strikingly similar to the airline industry. Both oversell, and neither really cares just a whole of a hell lot about bringing back customers because they'll always be there. Second, it has taught me that I'm really not all that effective a law student. Monday (the first day of the quarter), I managed to convince myself that I did not have to class until 11:45 and managed to miss my 10:30 entirely. Tuesday was marked by a nap that ended about an hour into my 2:15 class. That made two classes missed on two separate days which happened to be the first two classes of the quarter. Fortunately (or unfortunately), I think my professors have already accepted my incompetence as a fact of life and have moved on. I'm sure I'll accept it soon, but I'm still fighting.

Meanwhile, I came home to an apartment that was an absolute mess (because I left it that way) and a lightbulb outage of 75%. I spent the better part of my first day home on a ladder or setting off bleach bombs. I also came home to about twenty unfinished projects, including a rather large painting.

Even though being home provides me with instance after instance of my glaring defects, it is still wonderful to be home!

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Ann said...

Welcome Home!!