Tuesday, October 17, 2006


One of the best parts of taking time off from school has been that I can read what my stepmother calls "worthless books." Worthless books are books that are just fun to read and don't really make you think or change the world or really redeem themselves in any kind of cosmic way. I think of them as brain candy.

You Have to Kiss a Lot of Frogs is one such book that I am reading right now, courtesy of M. I would never own such a book, but she has a vast library of them that I have been taking advantage of. Here is an excerpt from Frogs that I found highly amusing (it's actually a whole chapter):

New Year's Day
Chelsea, NYC 1992
The day after the party he called. I was bedridden, feeling comatose from the twenty-four-hour bug that had hit six hours earlier.

"I was so glad you gave your card to my sister," he said.

I'd thought his sister was his wife. They were holding hands all night.

"Can we go out?"

"Okay," I mumbled in my delirium.

"I'm so anxious to see you," Arthur blathered. "I've never been this excited before. How's Thursday? What do you like to do for fun? Am I too forward?"

"No. No."

"Do you think it's a possibility we're going to have a great time?" he questioned. "I want you to come to this date really open with positive feelings. I'll talk to you before Thursday. I can't wait. This will be the best date of our lives."

We never went out. He never called.

Arthur must have literally burst from anticipation.


darling24_7 said...

LOL YAY for books :)

I like books from the red Dress Ink. (sic)

hope its a good one!

OsoDelSol said...

It has it's moments. I'm still on the fence as to overall rating of book. Guess I will just have to finish it! :)