Friday, September 08, 2006

The Universe Plays Favorites

I think it's very clear that the universe plays favorites. I'm not sure whether or not I am one of the favorites. Judging by today, I wouldn't think so, but every once in a while the universe comes through for me in a shining moment of favoritism. It's been a while since I've seen one of those. My brother has recently seen such a moment, though.

The universe likes my brother a lot. It always has. Last week, in a continuation of a shower of beneficence, the universe handed my brother first a job and then a girlfriend. I don't think he even had to ask for them. The universe just looked at him and said, "he looks like he could use some cash," and gave him a job. Then the universe gave him a girlfriend, knowing that if it didn't give him some reason to spend the cash, he would just hoard it, probably in the little, yellow safe that used to be mine until it broke and I couldn't get the money out, so I gave it to him, since he didn't plan on ever getting the money out, and I think he uses it to this day. And then, as if the universe hadn't already done enough, my grandmother gave him money to take the new girlfriend out to dinner. This way he can put the universe's money in the bank, spend my grandmother's money on the girl, and get everything he wants. All without even trying.

I'm not exactly sure why the universe seems to prefer my brother to me, but I have a theory. The universe is very big, and I think it must move very slowly, as many big things do. My brother, too, moves very slowly. He kind of dawdles his way through life, taking his time, enjoying the scenery, stopping frequently to play. He must move at the universe's pace. I, on the other hand, am smaller than both my brother and the universe, and prefer to get things done, get them done right, and get them done now. I try to help the universe along, but I think I make it feel rushed. It goes along with me for a while, and then, when it can't take anymore, it pushes me out of the way so it can go sit down.

It seems that my brother has an easier time of it, he and the universe being such good buddies and all, and a smart person would probably learn from this and start doing less, start leaving the universe alone. I don't think I can do this. My body and mind don't take well to doing nothing. They get twitchy. And there's something to be said for doing things the hard way. The hard way is not always pleasant, but it's never boring. I guess I'm getting what I want from the universe. Entertainment. The universe is an unending source of both comedy and drama, and in pushing my way through it, I get to experience both. And I think I have something to offer the universe, too. Momentum. If people like me didn't poke and prod the universe into action, there would be no jobs for the universe to give to its favorites.

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OsoDelSol said...

I might add that, while attractive, Ursa Minor's brother is nowhere near as attractive as his girlfriend.