Thursday, September 14, 2006


If any of you are wondering why I have time to post so often, and I know you are, I am taking one term off from school. My school is on the quarter system, and I attended four quarters straight of law school. Considering that the first three of those comprised my first year, that's quite a load. Anyway, I'm taking a quarter off and moving to a completely different part of the country for a month and a half to just hang out and work. I'll be moving in with my best friend from high school.

All this to say that what I should be doing is packing because I leave Friday. However, I am procrastinating. I do this rather well, you see, as I am well-practiced. I do this every time I go into finals week. I have a very specific strategy, and that is this: I watch The Newlyweds DVDs back-to-back-to-back. To-back-to-back. To-back. You get the idea. They just sit and run while I sit and watch instead of doing what I'm supposed to be doing which is in this case packing.

It's rather sad, you know. As utterly irrational as it is, I had a hard time not taking their split personally. I might have cried while no one was looking, but no one can prove it. The worst part though, is that the final season of the show is part of my procrastinathon, and that is the one where you can see things falling apart.

Every once in a while, I'll check in and write a post so that I can convince myself that I'm being productive. At some point though, the last season finishes, and I know how it ends, so I just have to accept the demise and freakin' pack. Sigh.


Ann said...

Hey! Thanks for the link! There's some mighty fine writing on this blog. Keep it up!

OsoDelSol said...

Thanks! Ditto!