Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One More Way to Lose an Eye

Once upon a time there was a beautiful kitten named Lucy, who was princess of a small but pleasant kingdom. She was a pretty cat, and everyone who saw her could not help but remark on how lovely she was. Because Lucy was the only cat in the kingdom, she became quite spoiled, and she began to act in ways unsuitable for a royal kitten. She remodeled the whole kingdom frequently, according to her tastes. She dismembered many an innocent cricket, leaving their bodies on display as warnings to other helpless creatures. She even scratched the brilliant and breathtaking servant who came to bring her food when her mother, the Queen, was on vacation with her fiance, even though the servant was nice enough to prepare a special meal of canned delicacies for Princess Lucy. The Queen, however, was oblivious to the error of her daughter's ways, despite reports from the faithful servant, who had been left in charge of the princess for almost a month.

Princess Lucy continued her reign of terror for several months, but because of her actions, misfortune befell the peaceful kingdom. Lucy's attitude began to envelope the land, and the order of the kindgom was destroyed. At harvest time, the fields did not yield their usual bounty, and the people were suffering. The Queen ordained that she and Princess Lucy would travel to a neighboring kingdom to discover the cause of their misfortune and to seek help.

Princess Lucy was horrified at the thought of travel. She had believed her entire life that the world ended just beyond the door in the mountain range that marked the boundaries of the kingdom and that monsters lived on the other side, waiting to feast on kittens who might stray beyond the door. She told the Queen she would not go; the peasants would have to work harder and make the fields produce crops. This saddened the Queen, who realized that her daughter did not care about bringing good to the kingdom. Distraught by her daughter's failure as a cat, but determined to help the princess understand her royal responsibilities, the Queen insisted that the Princess would travel to the neighboring kingdom, and she had the Princess shut in a crate and placed in the carriage. Then they began their journey.

The journey was long and difficult for the princess, but she finally arrived in the castle of the neighboring kingdom. There she was greeted by as strange creature, the likes of which she had never seen before. The creature was shaped roughly like her, but had longer ears and a large, smiling mouth. It spoke a different language, but Lucy found that she was able to understand it. "It is your fault," said the creature. "The misfortune that has befallen your kingdom is punishment for your wicked ways. You must repent and be a good cat, and all will be well." Lucy immediately recognized these words as truth, but she hardened her heart against them. Lucy did not want to be a good cat. She had learned to enjoy the power that she felt as a Bad Cat. She wanted servants and crickets alike to run in terror when they saw her. She decided that if she killed the creature who had spoken to her thusly, she would be able to end her exile and return to rule her kingdom. So she plotted to kill the creature with the knife that she had hidden in her coat.

But the Queen, who had heard the creature's prophecy and had seen Lucy draw a knife from her coat, decided to prevent her kitten from bringing future harm upon the kingdom. That night while Lucy slept, the Queen snuch into Lucy's chamber and tied the princess's fingers together. In the morning, the princess awoke to find her hands bound, and, prevented from carrying out the evil deed, she began to howl and scream. But the Queen did not listen to her, because she had discovered that the princess, who had plotted to harm another creature, was beyond redemption. Having discovered that Lucy had been the problem all along, the Queen returned to the kingdom to begin the work of healing the kingdom.

The moral of the story is, just because a cat has pretty green eyes does not mean that she is not filled with pure, unadulterated evil.

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I love that. So true.