Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Life Is a Cabaret

Truth time: I LOVE Liza Minelli. I know it's sad, but once I saw her in Cabaret, I realized why she felt she could drift through life on that and her lineage alone.

Today brings good news for me (and Ms. Minelli.) A judge threw out the $10 million civil assault case brought by her former husband David Gest. Mr. Gest said he had had headaches from alleged beatings allegedly by Ms. Minelli in alleged alcoholic rages. Ms. Minelli, in turn, alleged herpes.

Apparently, Minelli brought evidence that Gest's headache's were caused by the herpes virus that causes shingles, and Gest failed to rebut that evidence.

Although I feel like alleging herpes should perhaps be one of the last lines of defense in a messy divorce, I also feel that it should always be that one card in the back of your pocket that you could always throw down and say, "BAM! Herpes! I win!"


Matt said...

Like the blog - and the pictures! Good luck.

OsoDelSol said...

Thank you!

Ann said...

Wasn't Elizabeth Taylor in their wedding? And maybe Michael Jackson? No wonder things didn't turn out so well. And herpes as the trump card-- love it.

OsoDelSol said...

They both were. I think they were even matron of honor/best men types. Not sure whether Bubbles attended though.