Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Know What This Sounds Like

“This month, Ford will roll out his second fix-it plan this year, which analysts expect to cute deeper and move faster than his earlier effort to shed 30,000 workers and 14 factories. He’s also busy selling off pieces of Ford (he announced a possible deal last week to unload Aston Martin). And he’s working the phones, calling Nissan-Renault’s superstar CEO, Carlos Ghosn, this summer to express interest in joining forces—that is, if Ghosn’s alliance talks with GM don’t work out.”

Naughton, Keith. "'We Understand We're in Trouble': Q&A: CEO Bill Ford Jr. on how he's dealing with the carmaker's current struggles." Newsweek. 11 Sept. 2006: pp. 30-32.


Not too long ago I went on a three-week long road trip with my fiancé and my future mother-in-law. Somewhere along the trip, Fiancé bought a copy of monopoly. I was game for it the first time we played. That first time ended in his beating both of us soundly. He kept wanting to play at various points in the trip, and he kept beating us too. Every time we started to lose though, his mother and I would start selling off hotels, then houses, then mortgaging properties, and finally combining forces before selling properties to him or just flat out losing.

I think that’s every losing game of Monopoly ever played.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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