Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Housebreaking Update

M likes her apartment to be immaculate. You see, her mother was always very neat, but M also gets sick very easily. She absolutely eradicates any source of germs that may be in the area. M has also within the last year or so bought her first furniture which includes a gorgeous khaki-colored, suede, overstuffed chair and sleeper sofa.

In last night's adventures in housebreaking, the nice doggy peed on both of them. Not just a little pee either. The chair had a puddle, and later the sofa sported one long slash of pee running the length of it and pooling down the back of it and onto the back cushions.

This dog may not be with M much longer.


Ann said...

Tell M to be patient & stick with the potty-training. How old is the doggie? Eventually babies grow up. And all of us were babies once.

OsoDelSol said...

She is almost four months old. The crating has worked fairly well so far. We'll see how well it takes.

Ann said...

Yes, the crate is the best way. Some puppies take longer than others!